10 Fitness Tips For Collegegoers


Project deadlines, internship applications, semester exams; all these sneak up on you before you know it! The first year on campus can be stressful and exciting. It’s easy to lose sight of your health goals.

The result? You may be unable to cope with the pressures of deadlines and exams.

Here’s a list of ways to stay fit and healthy in college:

  1. Walk to class: There’s no better exercise than walking when burning extra calories. Walking helps to reduce stress and improves muscle tone. Simply attach a pedometer to your waistband to monitor how many steps you have walked in a day. Fitbit can do this for you too.
  2. Use the stairs: Climbing stairs is one of the best ways to pump up your heart muscles. It’s also perfect for toning your hamstring, glutes, and calf muscles.
  3. Use a workout app: Our phones have apps for everything, from shopping to health and fitness. Choose a reliable workout app to access free workout schedules and fitness trackers when you don’t have time to hit the gym. You can avail of premium services like personalized meal planners, training, and exercise videos for a small fee.
  4. Subscribe to a fitness channel on YouTube: If you find it too costly to get a customized fitness program for yourself, simply subscribe to a YouTube channel. There are channels for yoga, Pilates, cardio training, HIIT, and strength training.
  5. Avoid skipping meals: Hectic schedules may force you to miss your meals. It can be harmful if it becomes a regular thing. Choose smoothies or protein shakes if you cannot make time for breakfast.
  6. Eat healthy snacks: Late-night studies can derail your fitness plans. If you stay up too late to finish assignments, you may start feeling hungry again. Instead of binging on chips and chocolate, keep healthy snacks handy. Have protein bars or veggies with hummus to satisfy your midnight cravings.
  7. Check the calories: You may think that a can of Coke won’t do much harm; it will help you stay awake and productive. You are wrong. Aerated beverages and canned fruit juices contain many calories that won’t help. Instead, drink water or tea to keep your weight in check.
  8. Avoid fad diets: Don’t fall for trendy diets that guarantee quick weight loss results. These will make you lose weight, but at the cost of your health because they are deficient in nutrients. Instead, try to include exercises in your daily routine.
  9. Get a fitness buddy: The best way to stick to your fitness goals in college is to get a friend to do this with you. You can be accountable to one another. Following a workout schedule becomes easy and more effective for both of you.
  10. Play college sports: Most colleges have cricket and football teams, hockey and carrom teams. You can always be a part of the team to continue your passion for the sport and win accolades for the college. Playing any sport will give your body the exercise it needs.

Staying fit and healthy in college is necessary to ace your studies. Follow these easy fitness tips in your daily routine. You don’t need to work out at a gym to stay in shape. Campus life provides students with many opportunities to be physically active and on their feet.