9 Business Ideas For Collegegoers-Get A Taste Of Entrepreneurship


Whether it’s Google, Facebook, or Snapchat, these leading platforms all started out in universities. It’s never too early to set up a business if you have a great idea in mind. And the campus can be a great place to begin your entrepreneurial journey.

Collegegoers can set up small businesses to bring in some extra money and get an understanding of the nitty-grittys of running a business on their own.

Now, one may wonder, what’s a good business idea for me? How do I know what people want?

Start thinking of things that would help to make lives better or easier for people, and you will get your answer. Think of what you enjoy doing, and this could be a good place to start. Here’s a list of business ideas that you could explore as a college student:

  1. Start your own website: This is a relatively easy task if you are passionate about something and you intent to start a blog on it. Once your blog gains substantial viewership, you can start making money through it. This won’t happen overnight. So, be prepared to work hard and wait for results.
  2. Become a YouTuber: This platform can help you make a lot money through ads and sponsored content. Whether its music, stand-up comedy, or entertaining videos, it’s not very difficult to build an audience of dedicated subscribers if you are good enough. However, you have to stand out from the competition to get noticed.
  3. Sell stuff on marketplace: If you have a creative streak in you, now is the right time to express it. You can be good at cooking- start sharing your grandma’s recipes; you can be good at graphic designing; start selling your services online. There’s no end to what you can produce if you are creative and there’s no reason not to use this as an opportunity to make money.
  4. Publish a blog/magazine: On campus, there’s always an interest among students in college magazines and blogs. Why not publish a magazine that focuses on your interests? You may find many others keen to contribute to this. Once you have students or friends to write for your magazine, you can get people to place advertisements in it. This can be an excellent source of college income and will make your CV look good too.
  5. Upcycle goods: Did you know that upcycling your old things can help you make money? Whether clothes or furniture, you can give these a makeover and sell them for profit. Look for sites which sell upcycled goods and earn an extra buck.
  6. Start freelancing: If you have a flair for writing, you can start freelancing. Offer your writing or designing skills to companies looking for these, and you can earn a steady income while studying in college. Upwork and Fiverr are popular sites for finding freelancing work.
  7. Start a campus newsletter: Instead of wasting paper, start publishing an online newsletter that students can receive in their mailboxes. You can offer interesting deals and host contests for your subscribers.
  8. Do market research: If you can offer companies key insights into how youngsters perceive their brands, you can get paid for it. They are willing to pay for feedback from audiences because it helps them to fine-tune their marketing strategies.
  9. Offer CV writing services: Do you know that when it comes to writing one’s CV, most people are actually quite hopeless at it? If you know the tips and tricks to creating an attractive CV, you will find many takers for your services.

You don’t have to invent a world-changing device or create a breakthrough software to get started as an entrepreneur in college. It could be something as simple and mundane as freelancing. But, it can be a useful experience that will give you a headstart in your career.