Are Millenials Lacking in Soft Skills?

Millenials Lacking in Soft Skills

A Gartner survey recently reported that almost 65% of software professionals feel the “skills gap” delays the adoption of new, groundbreaking technologies such as AI.

Gen Z is the first “digital native” generation born when everyone could access the Internet. They cannot recall when people didn’t have smartphones or didn’t document their lives through Instagram reels. However, this population may fail to translate their tech-savviness to leverage new technologies.

Why does this happen? Since the millennials are a tech-savvy generation, they are attracted to STEM careers. These youngsters have hard technological skills but lack “soft” skills. Employers struggle to find candidates with communication and teamworking skills. According to a PayScale survey, managers have identified a lack of ownership and leadership skills in millennials.

Can millennials develop these “soft” skills?

Soft skills are needed to solve problems, communicate effectively, organize, and collaborate. The new generation of workers is overly dependent on technology. It prevents them from developing other necessary workplace skills.

Most of their time is behind screens, and they cannot devote time to creating personal connections like their predecessors. Communication has become faster but more challenging because it’s not in person. Many millennials also suffer from social anxiety and resist face-to-face interactions.

Can companies help millennials develop these “soft” skills?

Companies must address this “skills gap” in the workplace. They must train workers to develop these skills. Studies show that younger employees prefer learning in a group, but Gen X workers prefer one-on-one coaching. Companies have to identify which approach will cater to their employees best.

Tech workers can develop their soft skills by exposing themselves to situations where they can use such skills. It can be a side project, speaking during meetings, or taking on a new leadership role. These prove they can be well-rounded professionals with both hard and soft skills. The programming skills of machines cannot replace the creative ones of humans.

As a millennial, your tech skills must be top-notch if you have to race ahead of your competitors. You must know the latest industry trends and upgrade your hard skills. Along with gaining digital expertise, you must hone your soft skills to get an edge in a competitive workforce.