Career Advise for millenials

Career Advice For Millenials

Millennials are not known to welcome advice too often, but they are determined to follow their passion and won’t settle for less. However, being passionate cannot guarantee success. Your goals can change with time,...
Instagram To Earn Money

Turn To Instagram To Earn Money In College

If you wish to earn pocket money in college, turn to Instagram. It's that simple! According to Business Insider, an Instagram influencer with less than 10,000 followers can make almost $900 on average per post....
Teaching Styles

How Teaching Styles Can Impact Student Engagement

Did you know how a teacher teaches his students can affect his learning process? Teachers play a role in students’ lives, and their teaching style can determine their success. Success doesn’t mean grades. Instead,...

Useful Tips For First-Generation Students

Are you going to start college life soon? That can be worrisome for those who are scared to step outside their comfort zones into a new life about which they are clueless.
college network

Can Your College Network Help You Land A Good Job?

You are a few months short of graduating; now is the right time to start looking for a job. If you don’t know where to begin, you are not alone. Your alma mater can help...

Feeling Stressed Before Exams? Tips To Stay Calm

Butterflies in your tummy on the night before exams may not always be a bad thing. A little bit of stress can actually push you to study hard and complete revisions on...
Texture Artist

How A Texture Artist Brings Characters To Life

Do you ever wonder how animated movies and video games have such stunning visuals? Talented texture artists working behind the scenes deliver this mindblowing experience. They can bring characters to life by creating natural...
Mental Healthcare

Mental Healthcare-Can AI Technologies Replace Mental Healthcare Professionals?

We all know how AI technology has revolutionized almost every industry. It has been replacing humans in many of these, especially in healthcare. You must have heard of surgical robots in medicine. Today, you...

Do You Know The Damage That Blue Light Can Cause?

Are you on the computer during most of your waking hours? Then, you probably aren’t aware of the damage blue light can cause. Chances are you are now reading this blog on your phone...
Millenials Lacking in Soft Skills

Are Millenials Lacking in Soft Skills?

A Gartner survey recently reported that almost 65% of software professionals feel the “skills gap” delays the adoption of new, groundbreaking technologies such as AI. Gen Z is the first “digital native” generation born when...

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