world of animation

Top Signs That You Are Ready To Enter The World Of Animation

Have you dreamt of becoming an animator? It can be a most rewarding career if you are gifted and passionate about art. However, are you sure if this career is right for you? Animation appeals...

How AI & Machine Learning Can Help To Prevent Future Outbreaks

Look at the hype around Artificial Intelligence/AI and Machine Learning today. They have become the new buzzword in the field of technology. Healthcare, as an industry, stands to gain immensely from this development. And...

How AI Is Finding Its Way Into Drug Discovery

Artificial Intelligence (IL) and Machine learning (ML) are expected to facilitate the discovery of new drugs and make them cheaper. Are you aware that almost $2.6 billion is spent searching for new medicines and...
Social Media Marketing

Should You Use Social Media Marketing To Succeed As An Interior Designer?

To become a successful interior designer, you must have a social media presence. Why? To build credibility and attract new clients. A robust online presence can impact your business more than you think. Social media...

The Internet of Things-Do The Opportunities Outweigh The Challenges?

WiFi-enabled devices or “smart” devices are everywhere and the IoT (Internet of Things) is steadily making its way into our homes. In 2021, the world had about 10 billion active devices; it is predicted...

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