Tips To Ace A Job Interview-Dos and Don’ts

What’s your first reaction when you get an interview call? Do you jump up with joy or break out into a cold sweat? Most of us find the thought of an interview to be unnerving....

Tips and Tricks To Land Internships in College

You may be over the moon with your last semester's results, but, that’s not going to be enough to get you that dream job. When was the last time an employer hired someone for...
Texture Artist

How A Texture Artist Brings Characters To Life

Do you ever wonder how animated movies and video games have such stunning visuals? Talented texture artists working behind the scenes deliver this mindblowing experience. They can bring characters to life by creating natural...
Teaching Styles

How Teaching Styles Can Impact Student Engagement

Did you know how a teacher teaches his students can affect his learning process? Teachers play a role in students’ lives, and their teaching style can determine their success. Success doesn’t mean grades. Instead,...
resume writing

Resume Writing Tips For College Students-What To Include In Your Resume

Creating a professional-looking resume is challenging. Even seasoned workers struggle with it. When you are in college or recently graduated and don’t have work experience, you may find it hard to write a solid resume....
Write it down to remember

Write It Down To Remember It Better-A Tried-and-Tested Method Used By Smart Students

As a child, you must have been advised by your mother and teachers to write things down to remember them better. That always works, as most learning experts and psychologists agree. When we note...
job interview preparation

Getting Ready For Your First Job Interview

A call for an interview can trigger a host of emotions, like excitement, thrill, anxiety, and uncertainty. How do you prepare yourself to deal with all this? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Stop losing...
Challenges for Hospital Administrator

What Challenges Can You Expect To Face As A Hospital Administrator?

Healthcare has been changing all across the globe. New technologies, changes in healthcare delivery, and a worldwide pandemic have led to many changes in an already-complex healthcare system. Its expected these changes will pose formidable...
Optometry Job Interview

Tips To Ace An Optometry Job Interview

Now that you are almost finishing your graduation in optometry, it’s the right time to start preparing for interviews. Your prospective employer will know you have the degree and certification to become an optometrist....
feeling overwhelmed in college

How To Get Back On Your Feet When College Gets Overwhelming

Are you feeling overwhelmed in college? Do you worry you won’t be able to cope with the pressures? It isn’t unusual. Neither is it unmanageable. However, to get back on your feet, you must first...

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