Easy Ways To Make College Friends When You’re An Introvert

Make College Friends

So what if everyone says you are an introvert? It doesn’t mean you will have any less fun in college. Introverts are people who prefer calm, peaceful, and minimally stimulating environments. It’s not a negative thing. It just means you take longer than others to find your circle.

Look at some easy ways for you to start making friends in college:

  • For someone shy and nervous about making new friends, it can be easier to connect with classmates online. Orientation is a place to identify a few people you may like hanging out with. Message them and see if they want to interact with you.
  • Joining a club can be a great way to meet new people having similar interests. There’s something for every student, whether blogging, photography, drama, or public speaking.
  • Hanging around campus can help you meet people from other departments. Every college campus has cafes and canteens where you can sit and enjoy a relaxing cuppa with friends.
  • Look out for people like you. There will be many others equally shy and scared to speak out. You will find it easier to connect with these people because they understand your insecurities and fears.
  • Try to make one friend who is an extrovert and doesn’t mind the fact that you aren’t. You can meet new people through this friend without feeling judged or scared. Extroverts tend to be inclusive and friendly, and they will have many introverted and shy friends.
  • Smile more and try to strike up a casual conversation when you meet someone new. An extrovert has no problem doing this; for someone who is an introvert, this can be a challenge.

College years are learning years, whether you grow academically or individually. As you work hard to make a place in the class, you must work harder to find a place in a new and unfamiliar environment. That’s not easy, but what’s keeping you from taking it up as a challenge?