How Animation Is Redefining The Way Businesses Promote Brand Awareness


Did you know that people can digest visual content almost 60,000 times quicker than text? Animated marketing videos, for instance, are the best way to catch the attention of modern-day consumers.

As far as visual content is concerned for building brand awareness, videos are seen to lead the pack. Almost 65% of viewers are likely to act upon watching a video, whether making a purchase decision or filling out a contact form!

Today, companies implement different tools to get the audience to their site. They are actively exploring visual engagement solutions that are both affordable and effective at the same time.

Whether you are keen to promote your most recent products through an app or planning to impress others with your services, you should opt for animation. Now, the question is, where should you use animations to make a difference?

Social Media: Look around; you will see the level of animations on social media. They will get maximum exposure and guarantee much higher user engagement than images. The advantage of making animation is that it’s in your control, and you can tweak them to get the right message to the right audience.

Cryptocurrency: Many of us can’t understand how the crypto market works and which crypto products to invest in. If you develop blog posts with animations and visual art, they can explain the complexities of cryptocurrency to new users. All you need are 30-second videos; you will be surprised at how easily your readers can understand everything about crypto.

Website Traffic: Everyone wants to get noticed online. If your brand isn’t still using animation to attract viewers, you are missing out. Animated videos are a hit with online shoppers. These can bring traffic to your site. One of the easiest ways to get more footfall in your store and generate leads is through animation videos.

Invitations: The easiest way to get more people to attend a webinar or online event is to post animated videos on social media. Think about using animation to create an invitation for a webinar; you will be amazed at its effectiveness.

Presentations: Netflix and Spotify have completely spoilt the modern consumer; we all want personalized experiences from companies. If you can use interactive sales techniques, you can deliver this to your customers. So, instead of using boring PDFs to attract buyers, think of interactive and engaging content which sets you apart from the crowd.

Company Videos: Since animated videos have higher conversion rates and better audience-capture rates, it makes sense to use these for making company videos. You can encapsulate important information about your brand’s vision and mission through a captivating video.

Reader Engagement: To market your products, you must find ways to maximize the click-through rates. Using visual art and animation incentivizes readers, and they engage with social media posts, blogs, and emails. The result? You have a successful marketing campaign capable of driving and capturing consumer attention in ways stronger than regular messaging.

Ad and marketing messages: If you compare a worded ad with a video ad that conveys a specific tone and emotion, you will understand why the latter is more impactful. Text can never have the pace, feeling, and tone a visual medium can have.

Visual Roadmaps: These are excellent tools for storytelling; they are innovative ways to attract buyer attention and impress investors. When you use infographics or animation to create a well-laid-out roadmap, it can tell the brand story in a way to get people to invest in a startup.

Complex data: Animation is the best way to break down hard-to-digest information into simpler chunks of data. It’s perfect for your customers who may not have much knowledge or experience in technology.

So, animation technology is slowly but surely changing the way businesses function. It helps you stand out from the crowd and gets your brand “noticed” without fail.