How To Get Back On Your Feet When College Gets Overwhelming

feeling overwhelmed in college

Are you feeling overwhelmed in college? Do you worry you won’t be able to cope with the pressures? It isn’t unusual. Neither is it unmanageable.

However, to get back on your feet, you must first try to know why you feel overwhelmed. Is it because you procrastinate a lot? Aren’t you organized when it comes to assignments and examinations? Do you overcommit and then fail to complete tasks?

Here’s how you can stop feeling overwhelmed and get control over your life:

  1. Reset: One of the biggest reasons you feel overwhelmed is your inability to organize tasks. For example, you may devote too much time to a project, putting everything else on the side. It leads to complete chaos within a few months, and you cannot return to your earlier routine.
  2. Consider keeping a to-do list: When you list things to do, you know which to prioritize. Check your calendar regularly to make sure all events and deadlines are updated. Keep the workspace clutter-free and do away with stuff you don’t need. Simple actions like these make everything look more organized, and you can gain control over your life.
  3. Take a break: Sometimes, taking a step back from the present can pause this feeling. It’s alright not to be productive to restore your sanity and strength. During this break, choose to do things that make you happy and calm your mind, like socializing with friends or practicing yoga and meditation. When you feel relaxed, you can resume work with a fresh mindset.
  4. Re-establish the routine: Maintain routines and develop habits because they make you productive. However, we ignore these when we are running against time. Don’t discard them because you are busy with other things. Instead, incorporate them into your life to give it structure.
  5. Redefine priorities: Learn to say “no” when you can’t make time for something. It’s hard to welcome every opportunity you get. You must identify the right opportunities and take advantage of them. Ask yourself what matters and which activities bring you happiness and satisfaction. If you can do this, you can achieve much more than expected.
  6. Stay away from the workaholics: Some students can work more than others. There’s nothing wrong with it. However, it’s tough to understand when this hardworking nature turns into workaholism. Students have to face pressure most of the time. It could be the pressure of deadlines, constant competition from fellow students, or the fear of losing out on opportunities. How can you resist such pressure? You need to set boundaries to stop feeling bogged down by pressures.
  7. Ask for help: There’s no harm in reaching out to friends or professors if you think you can’t handle the pressure of academics. Even though you are ambitious and egotistic, learn to swallow your pride and ask for help. Your teachers and classmates may be able to make you feel better.

Feeling overwhelmed in college is not something to be terrified of. Most students experience this at some point of time in their campus life. Be prepared to avoid getting sucked into this pressure.