Is ChatGPT A Big Deal?


Everyone is talking about ChatGPT today, the latest internet revolution to have taken the world by storm. This disruptive technology is so good that it’s scary.

According to its founders, OpenAI, this groundbreaking tool managed to get more than a million users only within five days of its launch. The Swiss bank UBS declares ChatGPT the fastest-growing app ever, recording as many as 100 million users in a month. Compare this figure to TikTok, which took around nine months to hit 100 million users!

So, it’s only natural that the tool will be the most talked-about thing on the Internet.

Now, let’s see why ChatGPT is such a big deal.

How does it work?

Chat GPT uses Natural Language Processing technology powered by Artificial Intelligence to generate human-like conversations. It’s like a chatbot, but it offers much more. It can assist you with tasks such as writing essays, emails, and even codes.

Now, what is the hype all about? How exactly does the tool work?

GPT (generative pre-trained transformer) is a language tool. When this tool was being made, it had to digest billions of words to understand how humans speak. It was equipped to analyze the meaning of words to generate these independently. And the best part is that the bot was designed to converse in languages other than English! No surprises then why it made such a splash all across the globe.

To understand how ChatGPT works, you must first understand how a language model works. The latter uses probability for determining sequences of words. This helps it to predict what the phrases or words will be in a sentence.

Why is ChatGPT superior to its predecessors?

While there were NLP tools earlier, none has been as good as ChatGPT. ChatGPT has 175 billion parameters making it almost ten times more powerful than the earlier tools.

Moreover, the chatGPT is accurate, just like humans, and therefore, vastly different from its predecessors. Tools before this one were focused mainly on fine-tuning and weren’t equipped to answer questions, fill in the blanks, or comprehend passages. ChatGPT is equipped to address all of these challenges.

ChatGPT will facilitate communication between humans and machines and upgrade different tasks and processes. Here’s a list of things that ChatGPT can do for you:

  • Create text: The tool analyzes and comprehends human-created text and can even write text to respond like a human. This is one of the top advantages because it makes this AI tool powerful enough to do many tasks. Now, you can use this bot for real-time conversations, answer prompts, and fill in the gaps. ChatGPT finds use in chatbots, customer service, virtual assistants, language translation, and content creation.
  • Can adapt quickly: Besides generating text, ChatGPT has a sound base in deep learning that makes it adaptable to different tasks. You can use it for generating simple codes. Developers keen to integrate NLP in their apps can now take help from ChatGPT if they don’t have the required expertise. However, it cannot debug codes even though it can write them.
  • Can save time and money: ChatGPT is fast and can generate text very quickly, saving us precious time. It can respond to queries at lightning speed but may take longer to analyze large datasets. In supporting a business’s daily practices, ChatGPT can be a great time-saver. When you can save time, you end up saving on costs too. These invaluable resources can now be used in other key business areas.

Look at these benefits; you will see why ChatGPT has lived up to its image of being a pathbreaking innovation, a “big deal” in every sense.