Revenge Tourism-How can it favour students of Travel and Tourism?

Revenge Tourism

The tourism industry is back on its feet. With restrictions lifting everywhere and borders opening up again, those bitten by the travel bug can’t wait to step outside their homes. They don’t care where the flight is going; they just want to be on it!

That’s how crazy travel has been over the past few months. Revenge tourism, as people have been calling this sudden hype, is a worldwide phenomenon. And if you have been contemplating being part of the travel industry for so long, the time is right. Revenge tourism is here to stay and can offer many advantages for travel and tourism students.

When did revenge tourism start? It began around 2020 when the pandemic struck, and most hospitality businesses had to shut down for lockdowns and social distancing. People couldn’t travel freely because of restrictions and quarantines. However, things changed with the release of vaccines.

Now that people want to compensate for the lost time, travel has become a priority. Travelers are not only waiting for holidays to take off with their loved ones. They are making plans whenever they can. The tourism industry can’t keep pace with this surge in demand. It seems the best time to join this industry and take advantage of the increased job prospects.

Revenge tourism has benefitted travel agencies, hotel owners, and those who have gained experience and qualifications in travel and tourism. So, grab your chance and get a degree in travel and tourism and watch your dreams take flight!