Should You Consider A Career In Media Sciences?


Look around; you see media impacting our lives in ways you never imagined. Whether it’s the movies or television, podcasts or radio, blogs or vlogs on social media, it’s everywhere. Why not make a career that blends creativity with technology in the most perfect way?

However, media sciences are not meant for everyone. If you have a thirst for knowledge, a passion for reading, and the ability to think critically, you can make this work. Being educated in media sciences doesn’t mean you have to work only in advertising firms, PR companies, or publishing houses; you can use these skills in any modern workplace. So, don’t think that a student of media sciences is only watching cinema or playing around with Instagram; he is learning the “why” and “how” of communication.

Do you have what it takes to enroll in a course in media sciences?

Media sciences haven’t been around for as long as English Literature, History, or Mathematics, but it has potential. It may be a young discipline; nevertheless, its impact is undeniable. Here’s why it can be a good career choice for you:

  • With media sciences, you are not limited to just one coursework. It”s an interdisciplinary field and explores many related disciplines, like sociology and psychology. It’s perfect if you are already a critical thinker. You learn about critical inquiry, analytical thinking, and argumentation in qualitative and quantitative settings. Fake news is rampant, and media sciences expertise teaches you how to spot these. You learn to question and verify facts and look for evidence to justify arguments.
  • Media is changing, and this makes the coursework dynamic and exciting. If you are someone who doesn’t like the idea of being restricted to what is there in textbooks alone, media studies are just what you need. You can expect a newness in the types of assignments, and the chance to review questions and undertake case studies on the latest celebrities, news outlets, scandals, and media conglomerates. The discipline is engaging and makes sense if you are inquisitive and prepared to work hard to get to the truth.
  • If you are excited about working on hands-on projects, media studies are a good fit for you. You will get an opportunity to make video blogs and essays, compile magazine ads, attend film festivals, write news articles, create content for social media, or even create a website on your own. The skills you acquire by engaging with modern technologies and mass media will help you develop the much-needed skills for any kind of workplace.

What better way to make yourself media literate than by studying media sciences? Look at how much time we spend in a day browsing through media, both print and electronic. It can be a good idea to learn how it works. You will get answers to questions like who made an ad or blog and why, who the target audience is, and which techniques are used to make the message so believable.

The world of media is enchanting and intriguing at the same time. With changes happening around us every day, the time is right to enter this field if you have a creative bent of mind and are up for some challenges.