Things To Know Before You Become A Travel Consultant


Everything you see on Instagram isn’t real. No matter how glamorous and high-flying a travel consultant’s job looks on screen, it’s far from easy.

If you plan to become a travel consultant and jet-set around the globe, you must remember certain things. Anyone can work as a travel agent, but unless you are meticulous and detail-oriented, you can’t excel in this industry.

Here are a few things to know when you plan to become a travel consultant:

  • You will get to see the world, but it doesn’t mean you get to lead the lifestyles of the rich and famous. The income isn’t impressive, but the perks are many. No industry will allow you to travel like this. You can enjoy discounted tariffs at luxury destinations sponsored by hoteliers. So, yes, your Instagram page will make your followers turn green with envy!
  • A big part of your income will be through commissions. You are paid depending on how many trips you can book for your customers. Since salary is commission-based, you must have selling skills like a salesperson.
  • If you decide to work independently as a travel agent, you must have your own insurance. For instance, if you botch up a client’s travel plans and cause him to miss his flight, you must accept the responsibility. You need omissions insurance which can be costly.
  • Unlike earlier, when travel agents booked hotels and flights, their jobs have become diverse. They plan entire trips and arrange adventurous outings, and day trips to nearby places. Travel consultants plan everything from A-Z so that you can sit back and relax.
  • To succeed as a travel consultant, you must develop a niche. It’s not possible to know about the whole world. The “smart” travel consultant will choose a specialty, like cruise trips or jungle safaris, or specialize in arranging destination weddings or exotic honeymoons.
  • Being a travel agent is exciting because you get to travel a lot. However, travel will be a part of the job. You won’t be on vacation with loved ones. You will have to take frequent trips to specific destinations to become familiar with the place, local sightseeing attractions, local foods, and culture. These trips are for work purposes, and they are tiring and tedious.
  • You must try everything that you plan to sell to clients. So, you must stay in the hotels you plan to recommend, eat the local food, and even take massages before you sell these to customers. While this sounds very relaxing and enjoyable, it’s hard work. It’s for educational purposes because you must know a destination well to make recommendations about it.
  • Travels make memories. To be successful, you must have empathy for individual travelers. Some travelers like an adventure, while others like to spend quality time with their loved ones. If you have a personal rapport with hotels, you can use these connections to give your guests something extra, like a bottle of wine they will appreciate on their anniversary trip. These personal touches make them return to you to plan their future holidays.

These are things to consider before you choose this career path. Travel consultancy is exciting, intriguing, and fulfilling, provided you know the pros and cons of becoming a travel agent. You can help clients make memories of a lifetime if you are willing to accept the challenges of this job.