Tips To Ace An Optometry Job Interview

Optometry Job Interview

Now that you are almost finishing your graduation in optometry, it’s the right time to start preparing for interviews. Your prospective employer will know you have the degree and certification to become an optometrist. So, how do you ensure you get chosen for a job among hundreds of optometry candidates?

Ask yourself some pertinent questions.

Do you want to work for a private clinic, a government hospital, or a research setting? Do you want to help people who wear contact lenses or assist surgeons? What is your salary expectation?

Once you have answers to these, here are tips to ready yourself for an interview:

Research your employer: To know whether the job will be the perfect fit for you, research the employer well. Find out how they run the clinic and whether the workplace environment is warm and friendly. Look at their website, reviews posted by patients, social media accounts, and Google reviews to get an insight into the workplace and the background of people working there.

Research the career: When studying the bachelor’s of optometry course, ask students who have passed out about their daily routines. Find out how many patients they see in a day and how tough the job is to understand what your life will be like. Talk to different people in this profession to get a complete picture.

Know the industry: To do well as an optometrist, you must understand the work. Look at their role and responsibilities. Find out the skills required for the job, work-related challenges, and growth prospects you can benefit from. Such information is readily available on optometry-related websites and blogs.

Understand optics: Optics finds use in multiple fields, like medicine, physics, astronomy, and engineering. Optics, the science of light, covers many topics, and as an optometrist, you should know of these.

Prepare for commonly asked questions: It’s wise to go prepared for questions because you won’t fumble or hesitate while speaking. If you don’t prepare in advance, you may panic and say things that don’t reflect your experiences or personality.

Review your resume: Highlight your skills and experiences to justify your capability as a candidate for the job. Ensure your resume is precise, short, and clear, focusing on relevant experiences and achievements. You should tweak the content depending on the job requirements. Avoid having a multi-page essay that will distract the employer.

Research yourself: Do you think your employers will Google you before meeting you? Yes, you can be sure of that. Ensure your social media profile is pleasing, and be authentic in your posts. See how your profile will appear to someone who doesn’t know you.

Dress to impress: It’s better to wear business casual even if interviewed online. Always appear at least 10 minutes before the interview appointment. Answer questions clearly and make eye contact with your interviewers. Don’t forget to question them about their future goals or how they view an ideal candidate.

These are simple tips to ace your first optometry interview. If you practice and prepare beforehand, it shouldn’t be hard to make an impression.