Tips & Tricks Students Can Use To Overcome Distractions During Online Classes


Here’s some interesting trivia; virtual learning enjoys a retention rate of 60% whereas traditional learning has only an 8-10% retention rate! Despite this encouraging observation, online learning continues to pose certain challenges for college students.

The most significant is, the lack of focus, because apparently there are too many distractions. Do you agree?

Before the Covid outbreak, online classes had started making their foray into our lives, but, the pandemic accelerated its pace dramatically. Soon, schools and colleges were scrambling to start virtual learning for their students to make sure education wasn’t hampered. You have to admit that online classes and courses offer a host of benefits, but, there are downsides too. Are you prepared to negotiate these challenges?

What can you do to avoid getting distracted during online classes?

  • Handle technical issues without losing patience: When you sign up for online courses, you should be prepared to face technical glitches from time to time. Internet connectivity can get disrupted for different reasons and classes can be suspended midway. Attending lectures in real-time can pose a problem in areas where the Wi-Fi is spotty or machines are outdated. What do you do in such a situation? During such times, try to inform the instructor about the problem you face. Often, the lectures are recorded and you should be able to access these on a website later on when the connectivity improves.
  • Make a timetable and stick to this: Faulty time management is one of the prime deterrents to smooth e-learning. If you don’t have a proper schedule in place, you cannot finish tasks on time. The result? Your progress gets hampered and you fall behind the class. The best way to avoid this is to make a to-do list for yourself and break the complex tasks down into simpler ones. This ensures you can handle one task at a time and finish all your assignments within the deadline.
  • Look for a quiet and productive workplace: A common source of distraction is the noise and hullabaloo surrounding us almost everywhere. Do you know that an average person will get distracted at least once every 8 minutes? So, if you plan to do online courses at home, distractions are going to make it difficult for you to focus. Find a secluded workspace where you won’t get easily distracted.
  • Become a part of online learning communities: When you start interacting online with other students like yourself, you may find that they face similar challenges. You can get valuable advice and handy tips from them and come up with solutions to navigate e-learning troubles better.
  • Reward yourself: Online classes can be intense; you are expected to concentrate hard throughout the lesson. There’s no time for breaks and friendly banters between the teacher and students. So, it’s only natural that these sessions will be exhausting. Set realistic goals for yourself and work hard to achieve these. When you do, don’t forget to reward yourself for your accomplishments. The best way to stay motivated is to work toward short-term goals.
  • Be proactive: You need to connect with others during virtual classes, even if you are shy to participate. Whether it’s an online chat, forum, or video feed, become active. Respond to queries made by peers and teachers and ask for help when you need to. Reach out to your instructors when you have trouble understanding course materials. Don’t leave it for the last minute; you can’t afford to lag behind the rest of the class, can you?

Online classes may have their share of problems and drawbacks, but, there are ways to overcome the challenges when you are committed and diligent. Some of the issues discussed above may not really be in your control, but, you can always work around them if you are determined enough!