Top Signs That You Are Ready To Enter The World Of Animation

world of animation

Have you dreamt of becoming an animator? It can be a most rewarding career if you are gifted and passionate about art. However, are you sure if this career is right for you?

Animation appeals to almost everyone who can draw well, but having a passion for it and becoming good at it is different.

This industry is technical and creative. So, you must find out if it suits your skills and personality. It’s not only about working on films or video games. Becoming an animator is so much more. You must work on diverse projects focusing on branding, marketing, software development, etc. You have to work as part of teams with other creative professionals.

Here’s a list of signs that show if you are fit to become an animation graphic artist:

  1. Artistic eye: From fiddling with crayons as a child to sketching as a teen, you have always been fond of creating pictures with your imagination. If you have an eye for art and like to infuse life into designs, a career in animation may be right for you.
  2. Strong focus: If you have always been focused enough to express your imagination, you can become good at animation. Animation isn’t something that can be done overnight. If an idea excites you, you must spend time and energy to bring it to life. You may have to devote hours to getting it right.
  3. Natural curiosity: If you have a restless mind and are not content with relaxing at home doing nothing, animation can be a good career choice. When your brain is bursting with ideas and itching to create new stuff, you should opt for this career. Curiosity triggers creativity and storytelling.
  4. Good analytical skills: Are you good at solving problems? Do you use logic in decision-making? If so, you have the analytics skills necessary for becoming an animator. Analytical thinking and curiosity help you leverage technology to create groundbreaking animations.
  5. Good sense of humour: When you are witty and can make people laugh at your jokes, it shows you have a great sense of humour. Do your gestures, body language, and facial expressions entertain people around you? In that case, you may excel as an animator because you can infuse humour into your drawings.
  6. Passion: Without passion, you can’t do well as an animator. It’s this drive that helps you grow and excel at your job.
  7. Humility: If you don’t have a problem accepting criticism and feedback from people, you can do well in this career. You must be open to receiving others’ perspectives about your projects.
  8. Think out-of-the-box: To be a good animator, you must create exceptional characters and situations. You should follow the basic design rules but break these when needed to add your personal touch to an animation and make it organic and distinct.

If you notice that you have most of these traits in you, a career in animation can give your passion wings to fly.