Why Writing Travel Blogs Is Rewarding In Every Way


Do you sometimes think how wonderful it could be if you could travel back in time to those white sandy beaches in the Maldives or paraglide across the Bir Billing Valley?

The truth is writing travel blogs can actually help you revisit some of your favourite travel memories. If you are gripped by wanderlust and like to treasure your travel memories, consider writing blogs on them. You can even end up making money out of it!

Why should you start travel blogging?

Traveling is the perfect way to unwind, and set aside your troubles and stresses even if for a while. It offers you a new perspective on everything in life, making you more complete in every way. While photos captured on high-end cameras and iPhones these days can take you back to your favorite travel memories from time to time, some special moments are best remembered and experienced when penned down.

What better way to get paid than by sharing your own travel tales with other keen travelers? Here’s why you should start your own travel blog:

  1. Don’t have to miss out on anything: When you put down your travel stories in writing, you get the chance to capture every moment, every feeling, and every joy. Not every fun moment can be captured on camera. Writing helps you relive each of those fun memories that you know you don’t want to forget.
  2. Share your experiences with like-minded people: You will be surprised to know how many travel bloggers are out there! People love to read about travel destinations and experiences more than you think. Blogging helps you reach out to thousands of readers, some of whom may keep coming back to your blog over and over again.
  3. You can offer readers an accurate account of your experiences: Blogging lets you provide an accurate description of your travels. You can share exactly what happened each day instead of having to rely on the power of your memory once you are back.
  4. Lets your creative juices flow: For someone who has a flair for writing and enjoys the experience of story-telling, blogging can be a great way to flex your writing skills. The more you blog, the better you get at it.
  5. Best way to spend time on your way home: When you are feeling down on the journey back home, use this time to reminisce about everything that you experienced in the past few days. Write about every memory, every happiness, and every new experience you had. You won’t even realize when the monotonous journey is over! Whether you are waiting at the airport lounge for your flight to take off, or taking a treacherous bus ride to the station, you can utilize your time productively by writing a travel blog.
  6. You learn so much when you write: Traveling is satisfying on its own no doubt, but, if you were to write about your travels, that would be even more satisfying for your soul. Not only does travel offer you tons of opportunities for learning new things, but also makes you inquisitive. You are inspired to ask questions about every place you visit, find out unknown facts about them, search for trivia that will interest readers, and get in touch with locals to get their insights. The entire experience of blogging about your travels is wholesome and enriching, and you end up with a far more in-depth understanding of the destination.

So, what’s keeping you from starting your own travel blog today? Relive every travel memory over and over again through your blog and invite others to be a part of this experience too.