B. Sc. in Multimedia, Animation & Graphic Design

affiliated to MAKAUT, Govt. of WB (formerly known as WBUT)

What is B. Sc. In Multimedia, Animation & Graphic Design?

Multimedia, Animation and Graphic Design is a fast-emerging sought after career option. The 3d animation courses and their curriculum are designed to transform aspiring students into skilled professionals in Graphic Design, Animation and Multimedia.

Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia, Animation and Graphic Design is a three-year degree course affiliated to MAKAUT (formerly known as WBUT).

What do you learn in this course?

Students of Multimedia, 3d animation courses and Graphic Design are taught subjects like Introduction to Design, Design Methodology & Process, Digital Design, Design fundamentals and visual literacy, Drawing fundamentals for Graphic Representation, VFX course curriculum, Visual narratives and sequential structure, Web technology and interactivity , Fundamentals of digital photography, Advanced drawing for Structural Representation, Materials and process for, production , Animation fundamentals and the science of motion, 3D animation, Premier & Audition, Fundamentals of digital film making, 2D Animation Film Making, Animation production process and animation institute, Storytelling and representing animatics, Portfolio creation and presentation, Advertising & Branding design etc.

What will be your work prospects after the course?

Upon successful completion of the multimedia course in Kolkata students can start their career as an animator, graphic designer, game developer, multimedia developer, illustrator, web designer, character designers, 3D modelers, storyboard artists, layout artists, VFX course professionals etc. Although, these are some examples and most importantly opportunities exists in both government as well as private sector enterprises. After doing B. Sc. Multimedia, Animation and Graphic Design from our multimedia and animation institute one can find opportunities in sectors like advertising, print and online media houses, film and television, cartoon production houses, theatre, video gaming industry, e-learning and many more. The basic requirement for this multimedia and VFX course is that you must have excellent creative and artistic abilities such as sketching or flair for drawing.

You will even be able to pursue higher education at the Master's Degree level or any other higher qualification in India or abroad. You can also plan for Ph.D after Master's.

What is the duration of the course?

MAKAUT's B. Sc. In Multimedia, Animation & Graphic Design is a 3-year, full-time course. Our multimedia course in Kolkata is divided into 6 semesters with a range of specializations as elective subjects in the last semester. There is also sufficient emphasis on field projects for building practical experience.

What is the eligibility for the course?

Student who has passed [10+2] examination with English is eligible for admission.

What is the admission procedure?

Admissions are as per the norms laid down by MAKAUT / Management of George Group of Colleges.

What are the fees for the course?

Fees for the course comprise:

Admission Fees
Tuition Fees
(per semester)
Caution Deposit
Forms &
Rs. 8,000/- Rs. 50,000/- Rs. 8,000/- Rs. 300/-

(Caution Deposit refundable after completion of the course).

Where can you Study the course?

You can study this course at:

George College

136, B.B. Ganguly Street, Sealdah
Kolkata - 700012.
Helpline - 033 4181 6622 / 6633
Mobile - 9830504319

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