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Hostel Facilities

If you enroll at The George College, you can avail of convenient bus pick-up and drop-off services to ease your commuting hassles. The girls and boys hostels are different buildings in separate locations and these are manned by wardens.

When you enter the hostels, you will find the ambience warm and welcoming. We give special attention to making your stay here comfortable and secure. The rooms are spacious and the toilets are hygienic; and every effort is made to make you feel at home.

The rooms are not only spacious, well-lit and well-ventilated but they are also adequately furnished with premium quality furniture. You will be provided with chairs, desks and beds in your room.

The food served at our hostels is of the highest quality prepared by cooks trained to cook quality, tasty and healthy meals for the students. The cooks are trained well to prepare different kinds of cuisines like North-Eastern and Nepali meals and Bhutanese meals. You can enjoy special lunch and dinner menus every month. Water is available at the hostel 24x7as is laundry facility for the convenience of the hostel residents.

For recreation, there is a separate Recreation Hall fitted with a large TV where you can spend quality time viewing interesting TV programs and sports. Both indoor and outdoor games are encouraged at the hostel. Students can enjoy extended hours in the library and many other recreational facilities in the college.

We try to celebrate different cultural festivals at our hostel; so you can enjoy the Bihu, Naga war dance, Hornbill, Bamboo Dance, Cham Dance, Thimphu Tsheche, and Haa summer festivals. You can get daily newspapers in English and Bengali delivered to your doorstep.

Our students will be taken care of during any medical emergency as we have a 24x7 ambulance facility in the hostel. There is an on-call doctor for immediate attention. Besides, our PR personnel are fully capable of relieving you from study-related stress. The premises are well protected by security guards in charge of monitoring the hostels 24x7.