Masters in Clinical Psychology

from one of the Best MSc in Clinical Psycology Colleges in Kolkata

under West Bengal University of Technology currently known as Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology

What is Masters in Clinical Psychology?

Masters in Clinical Psychology is a post graduate course on clinical psychology which is a branch of psychology that focuses on psychopathology and intervention process. It deals with diagnosis of various mental, emotional and behavioural disorders. It also encompasses the treatment programme focussing on assessment and therapeutic intervention.

Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology is a two-year degree course affiliated to MAKAUT (formally known as WBUT).

What do you learn in this course?

Students of Clinical Psychology are taught subjects like Cognitive Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Theories of Personality Structure, Application of Psychology in Community, Personality & IQ Assessment, Developmental Psychology, Fundamentals of Clinical Psychology, Research methodology, Statistics in Psychology, Scale Construction, Projective Techniques, Advanced Psychopathology, Childhood & Developmental Disorders, Psychotherapy & Counseling, etc. Along with this there is field work, internship and dissertation programme.

What will be your work prospects after the course?

On successful completion of the course you will be equipped with the necessary qualification, practical expertise and knowledge and appropriate skill to enter directly into the field of mental health in almost all sectors like Corporates, Hospitals, Colleges and Universities, etc. Alternatively, you can even start your independent practice.

You will even be able to pursue higher education at the Doctorate level any other higher qualification in India or abroad.

What is the duration of the course?

MAKAUT's Masters in Clinical Psychology is a 2-year, full-time course. The course is divided into 4 semesters. There is sufficient emphasis on field work, internship and research work for building practical experience.

What is the eligibility for the course?

Any student who has graduated in Social Sciences & Liberal Arts (preferably in Psychology but not mandatory) is eligible for admission.

What is the admission procedure?

Admissions are as per the norms laid down by MAKAUT / Management of George Group of Colleges.

What are the fees for the course?

Fees for the course comprise:

Admission Fees
Tuition Fees
(per semester)
Caution Deposit
Forms &
Rs. 4,000/- Rs. 45,000/- Rs. 8,000/- Rs. 300/-

(Caution deposit is refundable after completion of the course).

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Director: George Group of Colleges a unit of The George Telegraph Group engaged in imparting education and skill training to over 25000 students through its 56 skill centers and Colleges across eastern India since 1920.

Treasurer of Befrienders India, a pan India organization mentoring a network of suicide prevention centres.

A member of the Academic Reforms Committee, of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, Govt. of West Bengal.

Core Member of The Health sub-committee, education sub-committee and the Indian women network of CII







Consultant Psychologist and academic mentor Paromita Mitra Bhaumik has been working in the field of Clinical Psychology, education and coaching for Learning and development, for the past 25 years. She is a Psychology Major with a degree in Education, from the Calcutta University .After pursuing her post graduate training in Neuro-Psychology from NIMHANS Bangalore and she got herself trained in Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) under Professor Stephen Palmer in London. She is a Certified special education need coordinator (SENCO) Trained by ORKIDS, NEW DELHI, INDIA. She is also a certified NLP trainer.

She is a life associate member of the INDIAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION. She is the recipient of “the rising leadership award 2017 in psychology 2017by APS research media New Delhi.

She is a Registered Rehabilitation Psychologist with the RCI (Rehabilitation council of India)

She is the visiting consultant at the Department of Clinical Psychology at some of the renowned hospitals in Kolkata like the Belle vue clinic, and Shri Aurobindo Seva Kendra (EEDF) and Anubhav Positive Psychology Clinic .

A Resource Person for Pearson Education, for more than half a decade, she has successfully conducted more than 300 training programmes and workshops for capacity building at the educational sector all over India and abroad. She has effective modules to empower the educators and leaders, students as well as the parents.. She is well known for her capacity building stressmanagement and leadership programmes meant for the employees of various industries and offices. She has worked with the TCS, SHRACHI –EMAMI GROUP, MET –LIFE HSBC, 24 Ghantta news channel etc.

She is associated as a psychology faculty for the CBSE board of education, is a Freelance Writer and an Editor, and is also a certified career counsellor.

Core member of the Indian Women’s network of CII

Associate member of Indian Psychiatric Society





RCI registered Consultant psychologist and Assistant professor Rajeswaree Basu have been working in the field of Psychology and Education for more than 8 years. She has done her Graduation and Masters in Psychology with specialization in Clinical Psychology from the University of Calcutta. She has completed diploma in Rehabilitation Psychology from University of Calcutta and Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). She has also completed Service learning and leadership training from Portland State University, Oregan, USA. She has done certificate programme on Clinical psychology of Children and Young people from University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. She has completed Diploma in Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP). She did basic training on Play therapy by Indian Institute of Psychometry and Ali Yavar Jung National Institute of Speech and Hearing Disabilities, Kolkata.

She has received special recognition from Indian School Certificate (ISC), Board of Council, Delhi for outstanding performance. She is a Gold Medallist and received certificates from University of Calcutta. She has also won K. N. Jain Memorial Gold Medal by Loreto College, Kolkata.

She is a Registered Psychologist with Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) and has been practicing psychometric assessment, counselling and therapy at various International aided NGO's and Mental Health Clinics.

She is also a NET qualified Assistant Professor, working with educational institutions namely Rabindra Bharati University (RBU), George group of colleges, under MAKAUT (Maulana Abul Kaalm Azad university of Technology), and other academic institutions.

She has been a Consultant for Popular Publications and Technokrats, for psychology book editing and psychological assessment tool construction and evaluation work.

She has been involved in Research projects under University of Oxford, PLAN International and IRFT ((International Resources for Fairer Trade).

She has been the Resource person for conducting workshops, mental health campaigns, stress management & motivational programmes under Rotary Club of Calcutta, Inner Wheel Club of Central Kolkata, WB All Bengal Teachers Association and others. She has been Speaker and Participant at workshops and seminars at National and International Level.



Ret’d Professor and former head of the Dept. of Psychology Calcutta University.



PhD (McMaster)

Prof. & Head, Dept. of Sociology

Sister Nivedita University, New Town, Kolkata

Ret'd Prof of Sociology, University of Calcutta

Regional Representative South Asia,

Research Committee on Gender, Women and Society (RC 32)


Vice Principal

Salesian College Sonada, Darjeeling



Principal DPS, NEW TOWN



Consultant Psychologist Pearless Hospital and B.K Roy Institute

Director Julian Day Mission School



Consultant psychiatrist at Pearless Hospital




Debangana Bhattacharya


PhD scholar

BA Psychology (CU)

MSC. Psychology (CU)

Sukanya Ghosh

Guest lecturer in George colleges, Department of Psychology

Consultant Clinical Psychologist.

M.Phil from Institute of Psychiatry ( 2019)

Masters from University of Calcutta ( 2016)

Lipika Chaudhuri

M.A in Applied Psychology( Spl.in Clinical Psychology), Science College, University of Calcutta.

B.A in Psychology Honours, Science College( Pure Deparment) University of Calcutta.

Worked as Clinical Psychologist in various organizations like Mon Foundation,( Kolkata) project done on CRY and Save the Children. Support and Health (Asansol)

Associated with Various Social Organization.

More than 15 years experience in academics.

Rajeswaree Basu

UGC NET Qualified Assistant Professor

BA Psychology, Gold Medalist (CU)

MA Applied Psychology (CU)

P. G. Diploma in Rehabilitation Psychology from University of Calcutta and Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI).

Service Learning and Leadership Training from Portland State University, Oregan, USA.

Diploma in NLP( MM, Trivandrum, Kerela.)

Certification Programme on The Clinical Psychology of Children and Young People from University of Edinburgh.

Registered Psychologist with Rehabilitation Counsil of India (RCI )

Dr. Samadrita Saha


BA Psychology CU

MA Psychology CU


certification course on LD, Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCO) , ( Orchids , Delhi)

Published Research Papers

1. Prevalence of Internet Addiction, Shopping Addiction and Bulimia in Depressive Adults by Paromita Mitra Bhaumik, Rajeswaree Basu, and Debangana Bhattacharya.

2. Creativity, Emotional Intelligence and Narcissism in Medical Practitioners and Educators by Paromita Mitra Bhaumik, Rajeswaree Basu and Urja Sen.

3. Effect of Music Therapy on Mental Well being of Geriatric Adults by Rajeswaree Basu, Urja Sen and Namrata Bhaumik.

4. A Comparative Study Exploring the Levels of Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Marital Satisfaction among Working and Non working mothers post- COVID by Rajeswaree Basu and Namrata Bhaumik.

Where can you Study the course?

You can study this course at:

The Gayatri Chetna Foundation, Narendrapur

Narendrapur - 700103.
Helpline - 033 4181 6622 / 6633
Mobile - 9831369322 / 9830359049