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World Tourism Day, 2019 at George College, Sealdah, Kolkata

World Tourism Day, 2019 was hosted by the Travel and Tourism Department of George College, Sealdah, Kolkata on the 21st September 2019. The official day for celebrating World Tourism Day is 27th September and the date was chosen by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) to coincide with the adoption of UNWTO's statutes. For 2019 the official theme is ‘Tourism & Jobs: A better future for all.’ The host country is India. George College, Sealdah celebrated the occasion by showcasing a glimpse of Indian Tourism through the 'essence of five states of India’. Various dignitaries were invited from the field of tourism to grace the event: Mr. Hirak Mondal, General Manager, West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. Mr. Lalith Peiris, Area Manager of Sri Lankan Airlines. Mr. Shiram K. Silva, Airport Operations, Sri Lankan Airlines. Mr. Arup Chatterjee, Sales Manager of Sri Lankan Airlines. Ms. Soma Bhattacharya, Branch Manager of R.J. Trade Wings. Mr. Pranajit Bose, Tour Guide of Ministry of Tourism. Ms. Aditi Sen, Reservation & Ticketing, Bangladesh Biman Airlines. Mr. Vinay K. Thakur, Associate Vice President of Pride Hotel. Upon the arrival of the guests at the event venue, interview sessions were conducted with each of them to gain an in depth knowledge of their work. Next, a short inaugural ceremony was held to officially begin the event and welcome the guest. Mr. Sandipan Ghosh, Registrar Academic Affairs of George College, Sealdah felicitated the guests. The guests were kind enough to share their views and experience with the students and faculty of Travel and Tourism Department, George College. The inaugural ceremony was concluded by a vote of thanks from Mrs. Pritha Pandey, Head of the Department of Travel and Tourism Management at George College. The guests were then taken to the main event where 5 stalls representing 5 states of India namely - Rajasthan, Kerala, West Bengal, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir were put up by the hardworking students of the Travel and Tourism Department. Speciality of each of the states were showcased by students, who dressed up in local dresses of those states for example students at the West Bengal stall wore 'laal paar shada saree' while those at Kerala wore 'kanjivaram’. The guests were also served the special food items of each of those states. While Rajasthan served 'kachauri’, West Bengal served 'Bhog er khichuri’. Prizes were also alloted for the stalls and first place went to Rajasthan. Jammu & Kashmir won second place. All in all, the event was a big success. With so many dignitaries coming in, the hard work of entire Travel and Tourism Department really paid off. The effort to celebrate this year's World Tourism Day theme and host country was appreciated by everyone.

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