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Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological Counselling (PGDPC)


In this era of competition and rat race, people are facing emotional and mental crisis. They are constantly looking for an outlet to vent out their pent up feelings and emotions. In every phase of life people are trying to unravel their problems and seek a support to develop a positive health. Children are exposed to heavy study pressure, parental expectations, learning difficulties and other similar problems. The adolescence is affected by career issues, self identity conflicts, relationship issues, peer pressure and other problems. The adults are under work stress, family and relationship issues. The elderly people are lonely and facing crisis. Hence, they are always looking for support and help to unburden and be mentally and emotionally healthy. Thus, psychological counselling is an area which can provide a support and help to cope up with the crisis.

The George Skills introduces a 1 year course in P.G. Diploma in psychological counselling. This course focuses on analysis of human mind and behaviour, identify and diagnose mental disturbances and providing emotional support through psychological counselling. This course is specially designed for professionals who need a basic understanding of the discipline of psychology and counselling skills as value addition for their respective jobs. Doctors, mental health professionals, teachers, human resource managers, social workers, corporate mentors, to name a few, will benefit by being more effective in their chosen profession.

Why should you study with us?

The George Telegraph Group has an illustrious heritage of nine decades in work-oriented education with numerous national and international credits.

George Skills is a unit of George Telegraph Group. It conducts many career development courses. We stand out from the clutter with our industry-compatible curricula, and meaningful teaching and training at affordable rates. George Skills offers the certificate course in Counselling. Our objective is not only to create qualified counsellors but also to enrich the quality of services they are already rendering to society. We are fully committed to the emotional well-being and psychologically healthier and balanced lives of individuals.

We offer theory as well practical classes on different subjects related to psychological counselling and behaviour management.

The course focuses on:
• Student’s training on personal growth and development
• Academic and life-skills training such as the development of interpersonal skills, effective communication, adaptation to the new situations, managing relationships, decision making, assertiveness, coping with stress, a sense of positivity in life etc.
• To understand the dynamics of human behaviour, emotions and mental processes.

What is the eligibility for the course?

Graduates in any discipline can apply. Psychology background is not mandatory. Candidates should have the behavioural attribute to understand problems of others maturely by not being judgemental. The candidate should be sensible and must have good communication skills. The candidate should be an empathetic listener and must have the ability to inspire confidence in people.

How is the course conducted?

This course is divided into four modules and each module is of three months. There will be theoretical and practical classes three days a week. At the end of each module there will be assessments. For each modules study materials will be provided by us.
• Module I: Introduction to human behaviour and counselling
• Module II: Approaches and areas of counselling
• Module III: Introduction to Psychopathology and Assessment in Counselling
• Module IV: Psychological assessment in counselling and personal development

What is the duration of the course?

PG diploma in Psychological Counselling is a 1 year course.

What will be your work prospects after the course?

Candidates who have successfully completed their training in psychological counselling will become a certified counselor. One can make career in the following lucrative branches of psychology.
• Can engage in individual entrepreneurship
• You can assist any Psychiatrist/Psychologist in treatment of people with emotional and mild psychological crises.
• Can get job in factories, industrial set-ups, corporate houses and academic establishments.
• Can pursue his or her career as academic counsellor.
• People can work as a rehabilitation counsellor.
• You can assist Psychiatric social workers in counselling
• Can further pursue their higher studies in Advanced Diploma in psychological counselling or engage in specialized certificate or diploma courses in various areas of counselling like school counselling, marital counselling etc. Also, one can pursue further courses like Diploma in Performing Arts Therapy or diploma in Rehabilitation psychology and other similar courses.

What is the fees structure of this course?

Admission Fees : Rs. 2,000/-

Per Modules: Rs. 10,000/-

Total Fees: 10000 x 4 = 40000 + 2000 = 42000/-

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