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Training and Teaching Methodology

Our training is conducted through standardized syllabi, which is revised annually to keep pace with the changing demands in education. We are committed to the evolving method of learner centric education as opposed to the traditional teacher centric mode. Our students are encouraged to think, observe and absorb in order to find their own solutions rather than study by rote.

To enable this, we use a variety of learning methods such as class room lectures, tutorials, laboratory sessions, workshops, brain storming sessions, group discussions, debates, project work, group tasks, interactive seminars and real life simulations.

This ensures equal emphasis on theoretical and practical aspects so that the students have a strong foundation in basic principles and the ability to put the theories into practice.

The food served at our hostels is of the highest quality prepared by cooks trained to cook quality, tasty and healthy meals for the students. The cooks are trained well to prepare different kinds of cuisines like North-Eastern and Nepali meals and Bhutanese meals. You can enjoy special lunch and dinner menus every month. Water is available at the hostel 24x7as is laundry facility for the convenience of the hostel residents.

The learning process is supplemented by regular self- assessments, teacher assessments, class tests followed by semester examinations.

The updated knowledge based learning process is taken from industry by our Board of Studies.